Week 2!

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since our mission started. It feels as though we just got here, yet it feels like we’ve been here for months.

During the past two weeks, our team has laughed (a LOT), prayed, worshiped, shared life and our stories with each other, been stretched and challenged together and individually. It’s been a crazy and good 14 days and again, I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here.

Last week we had our first adventure of living and sharing the gospel in the village of Mmatabudukwane (try saying that 5 times fast! 🙂 ) We were unsure and very nervous going into the five days there because we knew our personal comforts were most likely going to lack greatly, we just didn’t know how or in what way. The Lord is gracious and the members of the church in the village were so hospitable. We lived and worked together as a whole Cru, American and Botswana students side by side. Let me just say, I am thankful sass is universal.

The first couple days were occupied by ministry training for the members of the village’s church. We were able to encourage and train the members on how to share the gospel and explain the power of the Holy Spirit. Friday and Saturday were days of house-to-house evangelism and extending invitations for the Jesus Film shown Friday and Saturday evening. Y’all- the gospel was shared 58 times and 28 made to decisions to give their lives to Jesus. WHAT. 28. Like we were told, the harvest is plentiful in Botswana. Showing the Jesus Film has been one of my favorite parts of our mission so far. It’s such a great tool and the Lord uses it so clearly.

The night sky in the village was another favorite. Our responses the first night was to lay on the ground and “ooo” and “ah” at how majestic and BIG our Creator is. (We definitely looked like a bunch of silly Americans, flat on the ground mouths wide open in awe.) Life in the village had beauty in a way I didn’t expect. I am so thankful for the time we spent there and the opportunity that we had to build up believers and make new friendships.

(Also, if you hadn’t seen my status a few days ago- fun fact: you don’t feel too, too, TOO disgusting after not showering for 5 days. But you may or may not cry once you do shower of pure happiness and sing some Shania Twain.)

Something that has been noticeable and evident in the village is that the devil hates what we have been doing and praying for. Spiritual warfare was so apparent in the village and even with some of the logistics of our trip so far. Within that, we have recognized the enemy has a great hold on the hearts of many in Botswana and he hates the gospel being spread. BUT how exciting that he sees us as a threat, and the gospel is being spread whether he likes it or not. We have taken comfort in that the Lord is greater and way mightier. Please pray that the enemy would flee and have no reign or control while we are here. Pray that our team, myself included, would not fall prey to his tactics and lies. He is strong but our God is stronger.

Something I realized and have been learning while here has been how easily I put God in a box. My American box and view point. How quickly I have learned that the Lord can’t be boxed in. His goodness and glory can exceeds language, background, culture, and history. He’s too big, too holy and too good. He is the God of all nations and all languages. He is so much bigger than the box I so often put Him in.

We are getting adjusted back to “home” at our lodge and will have another round of evangelism and Jesus Film things this weekend. Next week is the half way mark! We are celebrating by going on a safari in SOUTH AFRICA! We are all excited.

I am tired but I’m thankful. I’m growing and being stretched. He’s graciously showing me how much I need Him. I’m being humbled daily. The Lord is good and I am so grateful to be here.





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